Aqua Engineers, Inc. (Aqua) is committed to overseeing the sewer systems that service the U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii (Army) installations on Oahu by implementing a standardized review process to track activities related to the design, construction, and maintenance of wastewater infrastructure. The Army Project Services Program has been developed to streamline the process of reviewing all work associated with the Army’s sewer system being modified, expanded, upgraded, or rehabilitated. This program has been successful to date in addressing proposed impacts to the wastewater assets and infrastructure, and its operation and maintenance, within the areas of Aqua’s jurisdiction. 

The services provided by this Program includes, but is not limited to: review and approval of sewer design and construction plans, as pertinent to the Army’s sewer system; issuance of sewer connection, abandonment, oil water separator, and grease trap permits; review and approval of requests to connect to the Army’s sewer system; coordination in resolving issues related to wastewater matters; review of proposals for future projects created by the Army; and consultation with developers and their engineers to determine the most suitable route for their offsite sewer work. 

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