Our Vision

A Hawaii that is sustainable with an abundance of clean water.

Our Mission

Aqua Engineers embraces this future by providing excellence in the operation, maintenance, management and engineering of water and wastewater systems. 

For Clients and Communities  For Employee-Owners 
  • Best Value Service and Solutions 
  • Environmental Compliance and Stewardship 
  • Effective Use of Technology 
  • Innovative Ideas and Creative Approaches 
  • Highest Standards of Ethics and Integrity 
  • Long-Term Relationships 
  • Communications and Teamwork 
  • Ownership Stake, Competitive Compensation and Benefits 
  • Training and Individual Growth 
  • Opportunities to Develop Creative Solutions 
  • Company Growth, Stability and Long­Term Profitability 
  • Safe Work Environment 

Our Values


Demonstrate ownership, taking initiative and responsibility
Fulfill commitments
Make timely decisions


Deliver quality performance and attentive, responsive service
Lead in innovative and creative solutions
Adhere to safe and responsible practices for our environment


Exhibit good judgment, using sound moral and ethical principles
Respect clients and fellow employee-owners
Demonstrate honesty and trustworthiness


Active collaboration, mutual support and team unity
Recognize and support the success of all employee-owners
Provide constructive feedback and mentoring
Do your part - be a team player