The Lyman Road Sewer Upgrade (LRSU) Project is Aqua’s largest construction project to date, encompassing the installation of approximately 22,340 linear feet of upgraded gravity sewer line to service the growing community on the Schofield Barracks Army Installation in the town of Wahiawa, on the island of Oahu.  The LRSU Project was completed on behalf of the U.S. Army Directorate of Public Works (DPW) and consisted of three phases:

Phases I and II started in October 2009 and included the installation of approximately 13,140 linear feet of new sewer line (ranging from 6-inches to 48-inches in diameter) and a new influent junction structure at the headworks of the Schofield Barracks Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Phase II also included the construction of approximately 7,970 linear feet of feed and transmission lines (12-inches and 16-inches in diameter) to provide future developments with reclaimed water for irrigation and other uses.

Phase III, which began in October 2014 and was completed in June 2017, included approximately 9,200 linear feet of new sewer line (ranging from 6-inches to 24-inches in diameter).  This final leg of a near decade-long journey ran right through the heart of Schofield Barracks and connected to the new sewer lines installed in Phases I and II.  This project provided an upgraded sewer system for the Schofield Barracks community with the intention to mitigate sewage backups and spills, accommodate on-going and future military housing developments and facility expansions, and provide a new reliable main sewer line for many years to come.